Sweet Green Sweet Utopia.

I digress. The night I made my way back to my amazing hotel at the Biltmore, a day of flights that seems to had taken me what seems worlds away, to an amazing tour of gardens that contained worlds that seemed to keep open up like a movie, to being able to stand in front of the most amazing library after having read the most AMAZING BOOK to date as a bibliophile and Librarian – The Library Book

seeing the Los Angeles Public Library in front of me after that read- it just literally was a day I could not imagine – and yes, my body was breaking down from the INSANE schedule I had found myself in –

so with all this in mind- you can only imagine how GRATEFUL I was for finding this literal oasis of food on my back to the Biltmore- Sweet Green. From the drink, to the choices you are given, to JUST knowing why and how Sweet Green is, it is amazing how it all perfectly just made sense.

I wanted to eat here every day of my life as I witnessed the freshest ingredients I had ever laid my eyes on in a lineup of what was a mix of salad, vegetables, EVERY SINGLE THING you could smell and taste with your eyes, and I cannot recall, before leaving Mexico City, where I would EVER find such such a oasis of health, freshness and quality – I was the luckiest person on the earth to have found this only about 300 feet away from my hotel. And after a schedule that most would just look at and consider just plain insane.

The manager on duty (of course I had his card in my portfolio that was taken or would be taken in two days from now) was A M A Z I N G and answered every single aspect of anything you might be considering to order. The lineup of ingredients looked as if it has been offered on a cruise ship – the whole demeanor of this establishment, from EVERY SINGLE THING being offered that would and could be recycled, to the very lusciousness of taste that was offered – it made everything – just absolutely perfect.

Many of you know that I am grateful for the time and detail put into food – it is not just eating, you learn about the culture and beliefs of a country, you learn about the values of individuals, you learn about priorities over the way people prepare and serve food. I learned that from day 1 when I began investigating restaurants and profiling them weekly in Mexico City. This was one of the most amazing saves of my experience in Los Angeles, and it sounds insane that making the trip to Los Angeles- and one of the highest moments was finding a corner restaurant, and yet, it was, and still is. Thanks to the quality of the service, the quality of the food and freshness, and the detail the manager did not mind giving me as a customer that late evening – it set the tone for what would be an amazing discovery process at the Humanities Conference in Los Angeles.


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Employee of Woodbridge High School, Library Media Specialist, Media crazy! :)
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