Delaware Humanities, Day 1 Upon Us

November 10, 2022 Preconference Workshop Museum on Main Street 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Looking back on the off the flight, to the Huntington Gardens as depicted in this post –

It was a LONG Day traveling from the eastern coast to the western coast without ever making it to the hotel and jumping right into a tour, but as the above post indicated, THAT was an amazing start to the Delaware Humanities Conference. So, what would day 1 hold in store?

I will be honest, I had LOTS of questions about what the Delaware Humanities was, did, and would do for our state. When you hear the word Humanities, you think (I think) plays, literacy, the arts, etc.. But this first workshop – Museum on Main Street Forum – a preconference event really broke it down.

Museum on Main Street, this in itself is an amazing concept. It allows a pop up, and a very extensive pop up interaction of an idea, and pathways that can lead to creative representation of a whole host of possiblities, like the one that is in Harrington right now until January 28th – called Crossroads.

These programs, Museums on Main Street, sponsored by the Smithsonian, are crucial to being able to represent so much about cultural aspects around us.

For example, take a look at the Maryland Museum on Main Street

as well as the future places the Crossroads exhibit will travel to, in Delaware (scroll down this page to see future locations).

Carol Hash representing this group, and from the Eastern Shore, as well as the rest of the MoMs Staff, amazing.

The concept, and the idea of Museums on Main Street redefines areas and information to all generations we might not be quite familiar with – this in itself was a great way to start the Humanities Conference off to understand HOW Delaware Humanities uses and utilizies specific programs to reach audiences to inform them of displays like this.

One of the most beneficial aspcts of this workshops was also to provide feedback on potential upcoming Museuems on Main Street ideas to see what would possibly have the ability to reach wide swaths of audiences.


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