Rest, Relaxation, Education

One of the best realizations anyone can realize is recognizing holidays for a time to take in all the values that matter, and have the time to do so without rush.

As I listened to podcasts all month related to various social constructs, one remains with me, acknowleding National Native American Heritage Month all year long, not just in a token month of November. Here are many great podcasts, and articles, that I heard all month that are truly worth listenting to and celebrating National Native American Heritage, all year long AND the amazing chance to see featured films below.

It’s Not Just About the Blood

Love and Blood Quantum

Welcome to Native Cinema Showcase All films on demand  November 18–25, 2022

Native Nevada

Library of Congress

Native American Heritage Month 2021

New York tells schools to drop Native American mascots

Congress holds first ever hearing on a congressional seat for the Cherokee Nation

The largest dam demolition in history is approved for a Western river

A memorial for Native American veterans has been years in the making


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Employee of Woodbridge High School, Library Media Specialist, Media crazy! :)
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