Legally Open Minded and Amazing (Part II)

A second main lesson many may or may not notice, but hope many walk away with learning from Legally Blonde the musical, is the topic of respect. The open-mindedness that is encouraged in the middle of the sometimes crass Law instructor’s class, some participants of Elle’s fan base, and yes, it is the script and is real life; even more to life is the reality that while one might not believe or accept a differing individual’s belief, orientation, views, or religion, they certainly are a better member of society for remaining open and respecting an individual that might not match to your beliefs, but still respecting them as a person. This thee played out through characters, the plot, through the musical score but even better, it was rewarding to see the young cast appreciate these values towards another better than the media, talk show topics, and even better than some adults, which is promising for the future of many healthy communities.

Te’Neal as Vivienne

At first this character comes off as being stone-cold emotionless, and it was easy to see as the play progressed, you saw more and more of a law calculating Vivienne. I think the stern, cold, law only and my future only personality is played so well by Te’Neal, and I think as the days go on, you will see more and more of the emotions Te’Neal is able to pull off through Vivienne. When you see the changes that take place between Vivienne and Elle as plot characters, you begin to feel a power of the plot and musical elements coming together.

Lauren as Brooke Wyndam and Kate

Auditioning at Carnegie Hall earlier this year, that tells you a lot of what you need to know about Lauren. Second how many of you can sing that musical score while jumping rope? The “muscle” that Lauren brings to this position is the perfect match, and then her “softening” when it comes to familiarity with a fellow “sister” – Lauren is able to bring this role alive through her voice, her charisma, and through her ability to speak to the audience directly. Love love love. The smarts also being represented through Lauren is well done- and a natural role for Lauren. if you have ever seen her during a typical school day, all business and the times when she isn;t cranking out the amazing success, we are lucky to hear her voice.

Olivia as Enid Hoops

If you were a member of the WHS staff anytime in the Spring of 2022, and anywhere near students on a daily basis that were even remotely attached to the play, you were aware of living pieces of this musical every single day for months. One concern heard repeatedly is the question of if a role is right for a student to portray and how they will be perceived as a student in that role. I know for a fact Olivia pulled off a great feat in her role as Enid, canvassing from staunch anti-masculinist topics to being an independent woman, addressing issues from lesbianism, breaking glass ceilings for the path of future women, to just simple respect demanded for women. Through it all, Olivia pushed the determination of this role to the forefront, and despite being difficult to hear sometimes over music and peak moments of a rise in sound, her building confidence in this role helped reflect the personality of others through the personality she brought on a steady basis as Enid. Not an easy feat to achieve and it was exciting to see her continually warm up more and more in this role.

Cameron as Aaron Schultz

The array of various individuals represented coming to Harvard depends on the varied personalities. Cameron definitely is able to represent the awkwardness of a new law student as Aaron perfectly. Quiet, out of sorts a little, and sure of himself, would like to see a little more of that self-confidence pouring out, and think we will as the musical progresses. Dancing, singing, and also being a part of the ensemble, it doesn’t take all brain power to see the talent Camerian has to work different facets of this character.

Prince as Sundeep and Carlos

Seriously, prepare yourself for hilarity. Prince has the moves, the language, and the expressions to add the comedic reactions needed opposite of many a serious contemplation during the musical. Aside from never being able to look at a UPS driver the same again, playing another entering member of Harvard as well as the big reveal Carlos during a great court scene number, if there was any more of Prince during the musical, there indeed might be Purple Rain. The right person, the right scene, the right laugh, the right look – you will be convinced once you see what he brings to every character.

Believe it or not, this is only still a third of why and what you will see in Legally Blonde the Musical by WHS Drama team. Stay tuned for the remaining look at what you will be really taken off guard with and amazed by in this production. Part III on its way soon and you still have tonight at 7, as well as May 1 and 2 at 2 PM to latch onto it all!


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