We’re Not in the 19th Century Anymore…

When you find ways to feed a few hungry students, proof college essays, answer the question “Can I come to the library during lunch so I can find something and read”, call Collegeboard and clear up 2 student’s accounts, fix three computers, find 2 computers for students to take home and keep thanks to another organization, proof three poems from students interested in submitting a poem for a poetry contest as they are feeding their hunger, As they are reading something they have wanted to read, getting forms filled to students to be part of a Trio program that will provide them support into the future, proofing 2 essays for another class and adding comments, brainstorming ideas for a community project for 2 students in college currently, working with several educators on planning the best way to present a lesson that a student has struggled with, matching and finding a way to get a student to several teachers that needs the extra or different way to look at things, strategizing the best way for a student to deal with being whisked away out of state every weekend as that parent wants to see their significant other, this is all before noon today – in the library.

Students flock to a library because they know someone that has the skills of many hats – and sees the certified librarian position for what it is – a respite, a refuge and the library as a third space – amazing things happen. A certified librarian position allowed to do what they are trained for, and allowed to work with educators, parents, counselors, public librarians is the most powerful asset a school can have.

It takes educators, counselors, administration, faculty, public librarians and school librarians, working together, to make things happen. I am amazingly privileged to have the above categories all work in such tightly timed spaces, and respecting what each other can do, that make things better for the students. One of the best things said all day – Our Assistant Principal came into the library and knew a student who has had quite a “everything against them” environment say She was proud of the achievements lately she has made. She was over the roof that the principal KNEW her and the things she had done, AND that she acknowledged her on those things, it kept her moving and able to get through her day.

It was fabulous.

Those that disregard what a school library and what a school librarian position does do for students, those that are still in the 19th century of what a library and a librarian does –


About Harry Brake

Employee of Woodbridge High School, Library Media Specialist, Media crazy! :)
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