Closing out the Legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s Legacy

of course not forgotten!

Two more –

#14 – The single most important thing about volunteering – it s free experience and an investment. If you go into any volunteering experience with the attitude or perspective that you are sacrificing you could be doing in place of the chance to volunteer – oooof- wrong motive and you will not get out of it what you could be – remember, the chance to volunteer is a chance to invest in your community, and also gain experience for free from individuals that have some knowledge in something you do not – priceless.

I know, you want a very solid example of another volunteer opportunity, right? Okay so we can all take a lesson from Ron Russell, volunteer for the Nanticoke River Watershed Conservancy – he continually monitors Woodland Road and from a road that is constantly dumped on, he keeps it spotless. If you choose one easy stretch of road anywhere near you, and do a before and after shot, – and reclaim that area from litter to spotless – it helps to show the before and after to the public to pass on what they also can do on their small stretch of road as well. Usually the ability to share these pieces of highway, road, street we all take a part in creates a community awareness of together that extends beyond our own next door.

#15- One of the best things you can do is thinking outside the box when it comes to volunteering. Also, volunteering is contagious. We are in a great position to be near the eastern shore, and taking an excursion to the beach and reclaiming the beach, as well as a local wetland is extremely satisfying to look back on to see what the before and after was and is. In addition, we have an amazing group, MERR Institute that constantly preserves and saves wildlife in our state and in Maryland – a GREAT organization to also assist with. The key is often taking a view of something needed in your community, and finding a new niche to tackle that issue and come up with a solution. That is something we can do every day, and something that can easily be passed on to every calendar day of the year.

#16 – okay you get a bonus one – styrofoam. Until you have done several cleanups in and around wetlands, bays, harbors, and dug down into the ground and see pieces of styrofoam in grains of soil everywhere, it is difficult to realize how permanent and blocking to growth styrofoam can be- yet, places like the Jones Landfill outside side Seaford allow you to collect styrofoam once cleaned, and recycle it! From trays, to Chik Fil A cups, to containers that carry the recycling emblem, yes, you can, and should. One person multiplied by 300 more? Definitely priceless.

Keep Volunteer Delaware in your pocket as a go to for keeping our communities moving forward in the legacy that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. left behind! Many wonder how this had to do with civil rights? it is true the path to all is the path that brings us together- which is what these and many others paths to improving the service we do, improving out community, improves the service we can give to each other as well.


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