The best kept secret, but it doesn’t have to be.

Actually, it should not be a secret at all, and yet it seems to be.

The School Library. So many misconceptions of what a library is- but as December’s Agenda shows you ( and not being done updated yet after three hours, so stay tuned, more coming!) – the misconception that a library is a placeholder for books only – many need to be reschooled on how valuable certified librarians, school libraries, and students that bring them alive make such an impact on daily school life.

This comment was posted about libraries in general I came across today regarding an initiative to fund public libraries in the state of Delaware:

It is VITAL to NOT lump one category into another, meaning public libraries, school libraries, paraprofessionals, and certified librarians work hand in hand, but all are needed-and they ALL work when working together. Take one away from another, you have a lesser chance of empowering students to their fullest potential in a very difficult time in education today.

The location where students can gather, heal socially, academically, and personally, is truly the high school library. Certified librarians are trained to latch onto social media, community events, and activities to involve students, and tie even the slightest detail to an aspect of curriculum that is being covered in school.

I cannot tell you the number of conversations I have had with students about how to approach a presentation, a homework assignment, an academic assignment, and just IDEAS that students have, WHILE we have been decorating, building, repairing, or another activity. The blending of fun, interests and academics is possible, DOES happen, and occurs in school libraries as well as public libraries. It is easy to NOT see this happening when you might not be in the middle of students on a daly basis to see it happening, but as a parent, community member, and/or advocate for education, talk to your public and school librarians and find out what and how you can see what is happening in and among your community!

We hope you do check out our updates to how Woodbridge High’s Library Media Center is empowering students to take control of their education and be involved in their community AND check back in a few days, more is being added!

Parents, guardians, supporters of active learning – we need you to continue to voice your concerns, requests, and interests in making sure, all schools have a center like the school library media center to express, create, and develop their interests, an have a professional and a center to exercise their freedoms to learn in a flexible way that leads to opportunities that are not even know yet! It happens every day with a school library and certified librarians!

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Employee of Woodbridge High School, Library Media Specialist, Media crazy! :)
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