Find Someone Who Ignites Your Interests, and Never Let the Fire Burn Out.

In listening to the books recommended by National Public Radio as the do, providing an amazing portal of selections to find JUST THE RIGHT BOOK that fits you – I also found a deeper story, quite inspiring. NPR’s book editor, Petra Mayer, passed away suddenly and unless you had heard or experienced her deep passion for all things that books can do for anyone, I mean ANYONE, then you might have just missed one of the most amazing examples of someone willing to share something powerful with another.

However, I am willing to give you a chance to see how powerful this is. Petra Mayer, from the choices of interviews that would go onto air, as well as this listening to Petra at the 12:14 mark of this same podcast, and if you listen, she is willing to go into great detail about what makes this such a powerful book and such an important book that would grab someone into the science fiction realm.

The fact that someone like Petra Mayer takes the time, and wants to take the time to give you a piece of something she has found, realized, or have stumbled across is a powerful treasure. There are may others that often you find are passionate about a specific interest, and also, passionate about willing to share this with you, to better a part of your life, for no other reason.

I find it amazing comforting to realize among all the uncomfortable situations that surround us, there is this shield, or force field of individuals if you will, that will push back just enough to make room for someone like me, for someone like you. Someone willing and so passionate about something, who is willing to stop, and explain how and why something is so important and share their passion and energy with you – call it what you will – but that is magical, that is powerful, and that is generous.

I admire the amazing impression Petra Mayer left on others through the interviews and choices she pushed forward to other to help them get through moments that they could not see past, and all done with the turn of a page or a choice of a book.

I will think of this now every time I look at NPR’s book portal – and I hope you will look at things differently too when you have someone willing to share their passion or discovery with you, in the hopes that they see someone that will understand the value of such an act.


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Employee of Woodbridge High School, Library Media Specialist, Media crazy! :)
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