Reflecting on Day 7 of Thanks- Blindly dedicated.

Looking back on a day of Thanksgiving yesterday, and yesterday being the 7th day of thanks for stories tied to XC and items to be thankful for as part of the Woodbridge High XC team – the 7th day of thanks in our series goes back to simply being thankful for the abilities we have – and honoring the achievements that many do not and still power through the obstacles laid before them. Definitely a lesson in there for each of us.

While at Brindywine’s 2021 XC State Championship, you may or many not have recognized the blind runner led by someone on a taut rope so he could stay on the path. Amazing. “The Creek” in itself is a tough enough course, and watching this runner, robbed of sight and yet conquering such a demanding XC course defined XC in a single pass quite easily. What is so difficult in a season of XC is what happens outside of the season, and sometimes yes, during. Being thankful for everything surrounding ourselves and setting aside our difficulties to be a better version of ourselves. I struggle with this daily and realize constantly what an imperfect person I am on an hourly basis, and the decisive factor is what will we do about this – and those that act on wanting to be a better person – usually makes all the difference. When you see athletes that do not have the ability of sight so dedicated, and committed, the lesson of what each of us are capable of rings home even more.

I wish I knew /remembered the team that this young man represented to express how admirable his run was on a day filled with wet, cold, and a path most challenging to those without any sight challenges, and yet, I am sure he has no regrets based on the stellar performance he was giving that day.

This brings us to an article about selflessness, sacrifice, and what team means, all things to be thankful for as well as the gift of sight.

Everyone on the Woodbridge High XC teams wishes you the best Thanksgiving week and is thankful for all your support, encouragement, and kudos during the meets and practice as we continue to grow together!


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