Looking at Tuesday’s Woodbridge High Cross Country thanks story, I am choosing a personal tie. Evan Offstein, our class President from the class of 1990, and his family, has had quite a journey since the advent of the fight he has seen his daughter, Molly, work through.

But what a journey it has been.

It is often difficult to put into words to athletes how precarious their potential for a best run, a best season, and a best year can be so delicate when other forces can unexpectedly change the trajectory of their lives, sight unseen. Molly’s journey has been an amazing one, and continues to be a lesson on capitalizing on every second, minute, and PR life thrown your way.

The way you deal with diversity, respect those that paved your path, and honor them while you honor your abilities at the moment, priceless. Glad to see the successes that have come your way Molly on and off the XC course and way to go Offstein family! Proud of your while family and lucky to be your BHS alumni peer 🙂

Molly Offstein’s story


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