Going the Distance

Impacts of Ida last night – winds, heavy rain, and my Canine Adoptee Dane (often called Daner) goes CRAZY when thunder happens. He managed this last night – jumped up and over a 4 foot bar window INTO the kitchen area twice – managing to break through and past blockaded doorways of furniture, and chairs, and dog gate – he is unstoppable. Finding a piece of chewed trim later – pieces of blockaded materials later, some broken chairs, he just paces, hyperventilates, paces, oh Daner. So that was part of an interesting night.

Today, I woke up after taking a medication that is meant to clear your system before an in hospital exam today and – yep – it works. It works well – so well that when I woke up and ran with the dogs on an amazing morning, no humidity, 2 miles barely making back thanks to the medicine, one more taking in a glorious morning following such a crazy night of tumultuous weather, I thought why not – and offered for anyone that wanted to run from the Cross Country Team today, not making today mandatory – but offering since, despite having a 10:30 appt with the hospital staff today for an internal inspection (lol) – I thought, perfect day for running but I am sure no takers.

We received noticed that parking passes were IN for our school and well, you know how that goes you get used to a spot, I was determined, if I had to PADDLE in, I was going to get that holy of holies parking spot I felt good pulling into every day, so while I was there – why not see if anyone wanted to get in an extra run? (THANK YOU RICKI Truitt for going with the flow (oooh, bad choice of words) and making that happen this morn! YES! Spot #38, Love ya!

Arriving at 6:40 – no way! A car! It was awesome, Elijah was there! and he ran a GREAT 28:35 5k (now remember, bad storm last night, SWAMPY trail – at least 60 – 75 seconds diverting around HUGE pools of water all over thew trail) – on his OFF DAY, Elijah did amazing, AND killed it on the last mile and a half – He did everyone proud!

AND KUDOS TO THE PARENTS that know what commitment means, and reinforces the inner strength of their children, that often they do not know exists, but that push allows them to realize, they have some extra fuel in their own selves they can pull out when needed! Huge Kudos!

Me, however, well when the doctors don’t necessarily say that you do not HAVE to refrain from running when taking medicine to cleanse your insides, that doesn’t mean you necessarily SHOULD run a 5k on the same day. I did run more times than I can remember to the restroom in one 5k, and my stomach has alot to say every step of the run, so my 5k was kind of a scavenger hunt back and forth, and despite it all, Elijah showed up when he didn’t have to, and me getting his time in between bathroom calls during a 5k- things just make you scratch your head and wonder…and yes, despite the “fluid” calls of nature today – I did get spot #38, thanks to the power of Ms Truitt in the Counseling Center. I mean, if I can make it on a morning cleansing before a procedure on a swampy 5k trail, after a night of craziness, anything is possible, right? 🙂 Great job Elijah wild man runner today – you have Kudos and more Kudos after today – and drink lots of water…..:)


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Employee of Woodbridge High School, Library Media Specialist, Media crazy! :)
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