Obsession Over the Green

Okay. THIS time, no reference to money. Let’s discuss the obsession with lawns.

Honestly, if I saw more merit and benefit to the expanse of lawn in front of my house, beside my house, behind my house, I’d settle on this topic. But I realized, thanks to the encouragement of the Nanticoke Watershed Alliance, there is an even more beneficial reason for having space, and I ran with it.

On June 4th I had decided to take up the bargain to install a Butterfly garden and replace sod in front of my current yard. Sod. That word kind of still makes me cringe, due to the intensity of the job ahead.

Lisa Wool, Sydney Williams, Max Horan, Will Meadows, Robin Weber (Americorps Member) and Meagan Lukehart (Also a member of the Dean’s List of Salisbury University in 2020!) descended miraculously at my residence and worked like crazy, in the dead of the heat to take mounds of sod out and replace with hundreds of pollinator plants.

(And yes, that stack of Hungry Howies? – WELL DESERVED)

What looked like sprouts of asparasgus now are reining in insects, pollinators, and butterflies than I have ever seen. Yesterday I was able to see three monarchs at the same time dancing among the milkweed.

The PR…

…of this type needs to be amplified even more and create more long term effects than bringing in chemicals to maintain a prized lawn – and offers opportunities for youth in the communities to enhance their communities.

I am so appreciative of the ability for the Nanticoke Watershed Alliance to allow this to happen, and less for me, but more for what it can do, if all commit to doing their portion share their portion of residential land to contribute to the very pieces of the environment we so need!


About Harry Brake

Employee of Woodbridge High School, Library Media Specialist, Media crazy! :)
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3 Responses to Obsession Over the Green

  1. sjpbkj says:

    Hi Harry!

    I loved this blog post!

    My wife and I are attempting to create a pollinator garden in a large part of our front lawn (you know how big THAT is! LOL). We obtained many perennials and evergreens from our friends in New Jersey who did exactly what you and I are doing! We want to eliminate as much of our front lawn as possible. The remaining lawn is fertilized with Milorganite and other natural, soil-building organics.

    I hope your blog post inspires more of our neighbors to replace environment-damaging lawns with perennial gardens to attract essential pollinators, without which human life on this planet would not be possible.

    • Harry Brake says:

      This is so great! I am weeding and not keeping up with it well with the house modifications, but will get there and then after two years many many blooms! This is so awesome about yours as well – YEAH! !

  2. Lynne says:


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