One Among Many

It is refreshing to have a reminder, in a lesser form than the pandemic, of what can lead individuals to greatness beyond what is right in front of us.

Seaford Star April 29, 2021

When I saw this image of Duane landing first place, and then took in the overall record of the results of the team that day, I had to ask – what matters most, the individual, or the team?

Then it hit me, I remembered in the Fall 2020 season, for WHS Cross Country, we often faced the possiblity of not having enough athletes to actually count (when it came to qualifying for meets). Yet, we always came together and realized the individual effort mattered as much as the team effort and this gave us choices.


If we did not have enough athletes to qualify as a team for a meet, we had each of our individual talents to represent out team in another form. But we had to believe we could break a record, be it personal or on a historical record form, but that was and is XC.

Meet after meet, with the pandemic looming over us, athletes supporting us from WHS soccer, field hockey, and within families, and even other teams ––The-Runners-High-with-Sussex-Academy-XC-Coach–Jay-Diaz-ev71po

-amazing things happened, on an individual basis and as a group.

Choices. It does not matter if as a group of an individual you succeed, as long as you hold the light of possibility and always give yourself choices to succeed. Especially in a pandemic that allows us to realize what we need to realize all along.

Greatness is always in front of us 🙂 and always within us.


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