There is Nothing More…

…that you need. It is all right here.

Every day that goes by I learn something more by young people that I am lucky enough that surround me.

Be it Cross Country ( A personal love of mine), life as a teacher, librarians, paraeducator, parent, booster, a HUNDRED other roles, there are THOUSANDS of reasons to be too busy to treasure the countless moments that are MAGIC moments that are so easily missed with too many bad karma in politics, pandemic worries, and yes, a thousand more controversial reasons to miss priceless moments.

Advice – push all aside and make the things that weigh us down, there are a hundred sleepers – individuals who do indeed get weighed down by the thousands of reason to get weighed done- BUT, if you are risky and daring enough, you will shed those aspects that try to weigh you down, and you will feel, yes, but the more that tries to weigh you down, the more you can rise above it.

Excuses are many, true independent hearts are few.

I have been extremely lucky to be surrounded by young, aspiring, and talented young future leaders – they are the future. Each of us can choose to talk, argue, and spend our time and watch the moments you could be spending with these individuals on the sidelines being just a spectator, or being an active part to push their possibilities forward. I choose the latter, and thank goodness so many around us choose the latter as well.

I have learned the hard way, there is no room for those that choose the back seat, positive approaches to improving what is around us and available, those that decide to take advantage of those opportunities, and be a part of them? That is what sets us apart for stagnation. Howe luck are we to witness such things each day? Beyond measure.

About Harry Brake

Employee of Woodbridge High School, Library Media Specialist, Media crazy! :)
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