Beaten Before We Start

I was shocked to see a huge group of young students playing soccer together in a field today. I was in total disbelief, and seriously had no words until I thought of these words below after seeing a police officer from the local town, (thank you so so so much!) have to drive and ask everyone to disperse, and they were fighting and refusing this all the way to the parking lot, so much so that he had to pull into the parking lot to make sure everyone would continue to disperse and actually stay apart and not be a huge soccer playing crowd. I was so extremely deflated seeing all this and realizing the sacrifice so many have already made for their lives – it makes no sense to me.
“Beaten before you start”
In a drive to get my dogs in the truck and fresh air,
as I drive past the soccer field of a nearby school
I was completely beaten before I started.
25 plus individuals, together as it would be any other
65 + day, but this , as we know from another to another,
is not a normal 65+ day- nor has it been above a 65 graded
week, or season or year- – it was as if I had been deflated
25 plus individuals playing soccer on a green field,
but yet unaware, refusing, ignoring unwilling to yield,
to the fact that sunny days are certainly deceiving,
sometimes it is beyond belief and hard to keep believing,
that a day will come when we will get past all of this
yet, we need everyone to agree to not be remiss
and take more caution – the care you show every day
will not make up or reimburse the deaths making their way
into our new normal. Even in spite of the useless reasons
that seem to be ending precious lives that feel like seasons
Your actions will speak louder than the words that speak
for you as you are seen among crowds of 25 or more,
your actions will let others live beyond next week
your outward show of responsibility will spread or
even be the cure that we all are looking for
so we are not,  we are not beaten before we start.

About Harry Brake

Employee of Woodbridge High School, Library Media Specialist, Media crazy! :)
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