L is for Learning AND Librarian

library1YES!  It is School Librarian Month AND National Poetry Month!

Shout out to your School Librarians for School Library Month! Not seen to you, your school librarians recourse, network, create, develop, support and often repair problems with tech, research, and discovering new paths for discovery.
They put the P in Professional and in National Poetry Month!
Without them, blandness, lost opportunities, and loose ends are always present- there is a reason librarians are certified and it is not to gain a pay raise LOL! Reach out to yours and let them know what they do for you day in and day out!
If you have a GREAT school librarian experience, send it to asflitmag@gmail.com and we will share these during this month to show what this position does to support individuals and the institutions they serve!library2

A GREAT article to consider, and to realize how school librarians can be the backbone of all schools and learning!

Check out advocates of librarianship!



About Harry Brake

Employee of Woodbridge High School, Library Media Specialist, Media crazy! :)
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2 Responses to L is for Learning AND Librarian

  1. Chelsea Richards Wagner says:

    Hi Harry! As Poetry Month is winding down and I am home, retired now from teaching second grade, I so often think of my wonderful students and all the poetry we loved to do. When we used our cameras to photograph around the school, inside and out, and write poems about those photos, I remember one of my “hate-to-writers” who said,”Can we write more?” That one short sentence was priceless! I will never forget it. Chelsea Richards Wagner

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