Change the Perspectives That Surround You

Taking a break and giving the canines a break from the all day road trip in isolation and on the road, and in state parks from yesterday. Some revealing moments:
Sad to see so much trash on a small beach at St. Augustine – a small family on the beach on the other side- no one picking up trash and then seeing me doing so they began. Made me feel good to see example leads to another example, makes me sad to see even the smallest beach having plastic bottle caps, broken plastic straws, and so much trash crammed between rocks that could not be unlodged and stuck between rocks – trash and garbage we can control DOES make a difference. There even was a garbage bag left, I picked up and started putting garbage in, and found that it was collecting back on the ground – a hole in the bottom! LOL. If I can pick up garbage, with three dogs pulling me in all directions, and disinfect afterwards, residents of their own precious areas can do the same. Now people can change how they see their own areas they live in, and for the better.
Driving past services it was warming to see everyone was keeping the social distance, individuals pulling up  Woodland Beach in Smyrna and watching the tide and water roll in from their vehicles,  individuals on a trail in any park respecting distance and taking extra precautions when in the open, individuals dashing in and out of a food or essential need area, actually aware of their surroundings, the people in those surroundings, and the relationship between those two-
and then not so in other places. 
Lines wrapping around the corner of the Dover Rita’s touching each other, not even 30 millimeters between them made me extremely sad
Seeing young people gather in the parking lot at Woodland Ferry park and getting out of their fixed up cars, 8, 9, 10 people, it was scary how people can act as nothing is happening on a sunny day, let alone a cold and cloudy day as well.
Acts that seem against what will help increase the futile feelings others can pass on as fast as the coronavirus.  Positive actions, positive modeling will spread as fast as a potent virus, or antidote, and I hope as numbers increase negatively, more actions by others and the realizations that this is real – and will hurt others around us, create a sense of empathy and positive reaction to those modeling actions others will be willing to exhibit, for the better of others.
Hearing the actions of others, reverting to coughing, throwing slurs and comments at others- this is not the action that causes positive change or advances progress of a county, but of select groups of individuals.  This is not who we want to be as a nation, and applies to everything, from cleaning up our areas and doing something positive during this pandemic, following better actions to encourage others to do so, and simply showing compassion and actions that will change a culture of perception for years to come, let alone for the time being.  Much can be done during a period of tragedy, all coming down to how we decide to perceive ourselves and others and how we want those perceptions to surround us, and even define us.

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Employee of Woodbridge High School, Library Media Specialist, Media crazy! :)
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