2019 – What Did It Mean…

Wow – where to begin with 2019?   As I thought about this today,

tempa 67 degree day, YES- December 30th, and I was in shorts, short-sleeves, and walking the dogs as they looked up at me and questioned – “Haven’t we been here before?”   Even the dogs were confused as this weather was identical to what we had in December in Mexico City.  I knew it was crazy when I opened the windows up, the temperature went UP from 61 to 66, and as I came home tonight STILL is 66 in the house.  I even cleaned gutters today – it was that warm – so yes, the issue of climate changing-  OBVIOUS despite naysayers- when you have the same weather as MEXICO (hint – it is closer to the equator) – in DECEMBER – that not usually happens ever – you’ve definitely have something to think about 🙂

2019 was filled with more twists and turns with the arena of politics, from Impeachment, to Ukraine, to Russia, if anyone thought the soap operas would stop in politics, it seemed to only pick up more.  

The loss of animals abroad due to poaching and climate issues of fire, earthquake, flood and more – filled so much of the news – everywhere.  Shootings occurring in synagogues, schools and churches made each day surreal as we heard these occurrences.   Uprisings occurring across several continents and countries came into plain view, Brexit, trade wars, ICE and immigration, rainforest destruction, genocide, impeachment, Guiado in Venezuela, as well and yet…

“Young people, when they understand the problems, are empowered to take action. When we listen to their voices (they) actually are changing the world and making it better for people, for animals, and for the environment because everything is interconnected.”
Jane Goodall, Dr. Goodall & JGI Win BBVA Foundation Worldwide Award for Biodiversity 

The hope and strength of what can be was seen in so many YOUTH – and despite adults chastising and putting down youth – they kept rebounding and somehow managed to be a louder voice than the whining, complaining, and saying but not doing individuals are so used to experiencing.   I would have to say, this was the strongest thing that affected my year this year – aside from moving to a new house – the nuances of so many activities, projects, and ideas that came from youth- and were seen on television and radio fueled by youth holding adults accountable for their actions – that hope can carry over any of the depressing and exhausting turn of events we keep hearing.  2019 was an exhausting year just taking in all the ups and then downs that would constantly occur, and yet, it seems as if youth are learning how to walk in step with ways to find opportunities for change, based on these exhausting turn of events.

I cannot complain about having a 65+ degree day in December, and neither should you. By biggest look forward to in 2020 is not let technology rule my days, or else I would have missed out on this one today.  I want to see technology encourage more individuals to find ways to appreciate and promote our environment, hand in hand.  This definitely creates a 2020 that is much more worth looking forward to, thanks to the events that have occurred in 2019.


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1 Response to 2019 – What Did It Mean…

  1. Shannon says:

    I feel you on your notes from 2019. A year that has felt like a soap opera but also on where the youth stepped up and make sure their voices are heard. Looking forward to much of 2020. A move closer to family and friends will be the highlight I’m sure.

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