ALL In a Day…

Holidays are an amazing thing.  If you are an educator, holidays do indeed look alot different to you.  Educator’s calendars and days grow to over 72 hours a day of needs with less than 24 hours of ability to reach everyone, add into this behavioral, academic, social, student’s personal needs, NOT including the planning of these days I have been alluding to, and is there time for anything personal for someone in the educator realm?  Not likely.  Very few realize this facet of what constitute an educator versus a teacher. 

The last three days have been clocked out of the high school around 7:30- 8:30 PM at night, clocking in around 7:15 AM at the latest – and literally, as my colleague can attest to, each one, not more than 4 minutes go by when every single need of over 50 students within one hour need everything from advice on letters, help for advice on peer relationships, the concepts that will push them ahead of the scores that are not pushing students themselves, and I literally could give you AT LEAST 20 more requests, from printing, to supply needs, to questions about moral decisions, within amazingly amounts of time crammed into 5 minutes.

It is a whirlwind.  But to realize what happens in a day, the amazingness that happened amid the details that make educators want to weep, you will begin to see what teachable moments can do to carry you past the sacrifices educators make for others over their own.

Today alone, Syerra worked out her own assignments amid over 20 tasks needed to make sure students around her would benefit from some small details.  From calling students that were being asked to be recognized for the deeds of kindness, receiving free senior shirts the Class fell onto, (instead of merely giving out), helping pay outstanding invoices, outstanding payments, delivering books to students that didn’t have enough time to check out a book during their traveling between classes, and this was just the first 30 minutes of class.  Add to this Syerra’s assistance with Xavier, who enabled to continue to decorate aspects of the library for the holidays, for some students that might only see holidays at school, the time they took to insure the holidays amid countless tasks needed to be done, spoke volumes of what they are capable of if giving freedom to make decisions.

Add Shania who would periodically check on labs in the AM to make sure all were still intact and being taken care of.  Look at Dalton who single-handedly took apart the defects of out 3d printer, inserted the new part and activated our 3d printer which hadn’t been implemented for over 5 months, he did it in 2 periods!

Look at the amazing jobs Diana took over when she decided how to organize the onslaught of papers, invoices, notices, assignments, and more to clear the way for more progress forward during a day in the Media Center that just does not stop.

Admiring the members of the Cross Country Team coming in and grabbing their items from a Fisher’s popcorn fundraiser and delivering them to the proper places.

Student Regan reaching out to Indiana Public Library as we create a partnership with out literary art Magazine The Riff, Alastornia catching via photo Ms. Donna Carter’s presence in the high school today representing events that will interest high school students and create a bridge of learning.  Xavier putting students that have checked out materials from August to November, and running a lottery of names to award prizes from Barnes and Noble in Salisbury, for those taking time to check out materials and enforce the love of learning.

This was just one day.  ONE DAY.  If you allow the amazing talents of the young men and women soon becoming a part of our society,  to represent what we want our communities to be from their own learning communities, this amazing feat of tasks performed in one day will become the well-oiled machine it is, student generated.  The resources, books, technology, and inspiration that even the most isolated student might feel can disappear when students are challenged and given the ability to use their talents, and interests, and grow their talents through they way they allowed to exercise their thoughts and abilities into action.

No, this is never enough time to even think about anything personal for DAYS after school vacation begins for an educator, but I have realized time and time again, how much education depends on the abilities and opportunities that can be handed over to talented students like these mentioned, and see where they will go. That is the holiday for anyone in itself to see every one of these individuals above, working in concert all around each other.  You almost feel the forward progress made thanks to amazing foresight and ability of each above.  This is the best possible present one could ever ask for, the commitment and creativity students can bring to anything and anyone they come into contact with.



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