Sometimes, the place we think we’re going when we start our careers is not the place we end up. –

In listening to this particular interview with Stephen Gregg, I loved the point made that Hamlet and Lion King have the same plot – which is a great starter for most people and the additional point- writing a story one tweet at a time, story is what happen, plot is how the story is revealed – love this correlation.  However, this all starts with the idea that the play currently showing at Woodbridge High, at 2 PM, the last day.

But be prepared. Trap does lure you in, the audience, the plot, and if you wanted active participation with the audience?  Yep, all here and it leaves you quite in wonderment.

Stemming from the director to actors to the audience, amazing how everyone becomes intertwined in the play by what you think is the end of the play – or is it?  A mystery, a surprise, a shock and more, I was pulled in 100% from the very beginning, thanks to the audience as well as the cast itself.  I am going to deviate from singling out specific actors/actresses as I never deviate from but, I have to see, remembering some of the cast from the very first play I saw at Woodbridge High traveling from Mexico, these cast members definitely have a reason for being a part of cast in Trap, they fueled a massive part of the production and push you close to the edge of thinking you have it all figured out, and then….that certainly is taken away.  Add the newest cast members and you have a sense of wonderment of how it all fit together for this production.

Being lured into a plot is not so bad, my first wondering were where is Menachap, California?  Why California?  The first evening I also expected many bumps in the road, glitches in sound, lights, lines, it was an honor to be invited but I knew carrying those expectations with me carried a little bit of not maybe seeing the same show at the end.  Yes there were some issues with lights, a few places needed to have a little more sound brought up where lines were delivered, and then I realized at the end of the production this evening, November 5th, I found much not what it seemed when I expected those things, and sometimes not at all.

I want to go into more detail but to do so will take away from what Trap bring to an audience, so I can’t. The bravado and daring to go into areas of a play that is not like anything you’d expect, let alone plan, and it hits you as immediate as this production, success.  So theatre and play buffs, if you are addicted to anything play-involved, and thrilled by a production that catches you completely off guard and leaves you with a week’s worth of wonderment and conversation, this is your production.  You are quite in luck as this is the final day of production with the final shows at 2:00 PM, but once you experience the twists and turns of the realizations after the production, would love to hear your reactions to such an unexpected experience, on a production well done.


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