Working for Living…

Taxes came back today – that was the fastest I ever received a return – Spring 2019 semester paid off, some bills paid off, next paycheck will jump ahead to getting my storage out of storage from Mexico and finally, each month will be about saving a little more than I did from the previous paycheck…
I can’t tell you how many cans of tuna, slices of PB & J, learning how to get 2 weeks of gas back and forth from school with my SUV, getting by on 80.00 of groceries for 2 1/2 weeks, all the while putting in over 50 hours a weeks at school – school loan debt is ridiculous and when you do not qualify for discounts despite working sometimes 2 – 3 jobs, financially starving for months to get ahead, and picking up jobs like judging for Columbia, tutoring, working all summer JUST to get BY – and to be able to do this from going to college – there definitely needs to be a fix for people that are earnest and work around the clock and still are pushed down down down every time they turn around. 
I hope in the next say, 9 years, politicians and leaders will find someone that can look through the eyes of a student when making decisions instead of looking through the eyes of someone that can’t see because so much money is already there in their pockets. 
Thanks to my cousins, Aunt and Uncle, and friends
and especially my friends in Mexico who made me realize how strong I am- making me stronger than I thought I was before leaving for Mexico…
who stood beside me and encouraged me when I would not go out for WEEKS trying to save it all to just make my school loan payment.  It has taken me  three Master’s Degrees (third one started now), tons of double duty jobs to get to a level where I can even have a chance to help my family, pay my school loan, and the rest of the bills after. 
It is amazing to finally see a point where I now can budget and have enough $ left over to SAVE – and thank goodness I am only 46 – amazing.  MANY many needs for better programs to support those willing to put the time in and work – but there has to be better incentives for those willing to do so.  Not everyone is a go to college degree individual and that opportunity needs to be available to EVERYONE wanting to pursue a career they are good at, are trained in, and ENJOY, else sticking in a position for 30+ years is just a waiting game and not having your heart in it. 
I still remember the countless days I would be out, on paper routes, mowing lawns all summer, picking weeds out of cracks of sidewalks from the pickiest customers of landscaping, working the PA Turnpike, sometimes a double shift, juggling the job at Friedman’s and the lawn business on the side – and wondered – this working 24/7 around the clock JUST SUCKS! lol but even at the end of those days, I realized how little some people appreciated the “things” they received, the money they were often given, and the way they treated others because of it, and I realized, I am a better person because of the work ethic I had to grow into and grow up it. 
Heck, I am more than thankful for that way of growing up today.  
As a teacher, I want to see better opportunities for young (and some not so young) colleagues of mine to go on and have the memories, the travel, the friends from all over the world and be able to separate themselves from the often ridiculous hurdles put in their way to simply want to TEACH. NOT to fill out forms, not to be in debt for the rest of their lives, but to be as much as a celebrity (since they help most of the celebrities get where they are) and have the constant sacrifices they put in day in, day out, night in, night out, for years on end to make other’s lives better. 
There is much light at the end of the tunnels of work – but those of us that can, need to demand for a better for us that are talented enough to prepare so many future generations for…the future.

About Harry Brake

Employee of Woodbridge High School, Library Media Specialist, Media crazy! :)
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