The Martian, Far Out but not a Disappointment In Depth!

When I saw The Martian previewed, then ordered it, and ripped through Andy Weir’s novel, I was like YEAH!  I mean YEAH!  I know it might not have been everyone’s “cup of tea” but I was hooked  – not instantly, but a slow momentum that built up into a starburst of light speed.  Many others thought so too as it won all kinds of literary awards in 2014.  The film production, by Ridley Scott, enough said –  he went leagues above what would be considered a great film.

Then, seeing a post from my buddy in New York and saying “Go See IT!” I knew what was in the space log for Sunday!!!  The thing was I was anxious when I went in knowing or wondering, what will this dreadful scene be like, I know it will happen but I DON’T WANT TO SEE IT, gripping the chair and yet wanting to see it all the time.

Was it ironic that the preview started out stating there is this instict to help others, and then later tonight, seeing the production of Everyman where we see people that are truly only self-serving, I certainly felt the Ying and Yang in one day.  I realize these kind of experiences are amazing for my soul, for exploring and reflecting on my life and wow.  Through this whole film, you are truly on the seat, in the middle, the edge, and all over.  it worked and then some, to infinity and BEYOND!

Matt Damon plays it perfectly and I felt less cocky then I felt in the novel, it was amazing to see him strong and when things went awry, it was perfect.  Jessica Chastain, Kristen Wiig (HYSTERICAL AND IN A SERIOUS ROLE!) , Kate Mara, Michael Peña, Jeff Daniels, Chiwetel Ejiofor, —– I WATCHED HIM IN THE PRODUCTION OF Everyman TONIGHT and had NO IDEA HE WOULD BE IN THIS PRODUCTION, I am SUPER FREAKED OUT!!!!!-    I walked out of the production Everyman tonight KNOWING I had seen Chiwetel Ejifor somewhere and thought SURE, 12 Years as a Slave was IT, and I had JUST SEEN HIM ON THE SCREEN – and he looked not like what I saw an hour ago – whoa it has been THAT kind of day…and Donald Glover (let me tell you Donald Glover is minimal ib the film but AMAZING just the same, and yes a good singer!) as well!  HECK Yeah, they only add to an already magnetized scenario.  I am also realizing the soundtrack to this film – WHOA –

A M A Z I N G.

The irony of seeing and feeling things never escapes me as logn as I reflect on them here.  Today was a rollercoaster of barely making thngs, last minute suprises and yet, welcome to the lead’s role in The Martian’s experience.  You feel it.  Is it ironic we are deep into mindfulness and learning to deal with one thing at a time, calmly, and sole one thing at a time, as Matt Damon as Mark Watney says at the end of this remarkable film?  I would say everythng is relative and in The Martian, you truly FEEL it.


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